How To Say It To Yourself – Positive Self Talk

There are times that we may not notice it, but whatever we say to ourselves (even unintentionally) can give a drastic effect to some of the things we do every now and then and it also affects our way of life.

So, how do you say things to yourself, or how do you explain some stuff to yourself? What do you think-with positive self talk or negative self talk? Think about it—though it can be convenient to tell yourself “I can’t do it”, “no way”, “that’s way out of the question”, and “another problem again”, do you think these statements can be helpful to you?

Given below are just some of the typical examples that optimistic and pessimistic individuals usually say.Of course you can also develop your personality on similar lines. Note the word similar, not COPY. You can’t copy. That would be against your personality make up. You have your own positive attributes, which you should not suppress, otherwise you would be branded as a copier, and a fake. That’s something surely you would not like.

What really you should be doing is to assess your personality traits carefully. By all means seek professional help. That is best. Or, if you are queasy about it, write down, frankly, what your positives are, and what your negatives are.

1. Try and match your positives with negatives.

If you are a truthful person, and you can’t tell a lie, then obviously, you should not try to remove the negative trait of not being able to tell a lie! That militates against your basic character of telling the truth.. doesn’t it? So you have to weigh the various options and come up with basic traits that you can possibly modify and become a better person.

 However, whenever they expound on the good side of the situation, these people try internalizing stuff. For example, they may say, “Wow, life is good!” Then, they tend to draw inferences from them-”My life is working out for the better”, and finally, they think of them to be somewhat lasting changes-”Now, I know how to work this out”.

2. Don’t get upset over situations beyond your control..

 We all run into plenty of little situations in life where we know there is not too much we can do about them. Sometimes we just have to let things run their course. Challenge yourself to creatively come up with a positive aspect out of your current messy situation, starting with the words, “Maybe its a good thing this happened because,…”

You can change for the better. 

Don’t change for the worse.

Always weigh your options. Don’t change for the sake of change. Change for the better, and repeated again is the fact that the change should be within the basic tenets of your character. Otherwise, you would land in a quandary later, because your inner conscience would question you and trouble you. And that would put paid to your mental happiness, which is paramount. Got it? Good. Go ahead and learn


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