The Art Of Self Fulfillment – Attracting More Happiness

Do you feel unhappy in your life? Are you pestered by a feeling of emptiness, as if there is something missing? If so, then this article will help.

Tony Robbins speaks about what he calls the “art of fulfillment” and specifically about your inherent need to grow and contribute. It’s through your sense of growth and contribution that you gain a sense of self fulfillment — which is the essence of happiness.Test Your Level of Output after These Types of Input:

How do you sleep after watching a scary movie before bed?

How do you feel after reading the newspaper reports on the unemployment and crime rate, and the latest health epidemics?

How big is the smile on your face after listening to songs about broken relationships and how much life stinks?

There is no doubt about it; what you choose to watch, read, and listen to is going to affect your happiness.

 Four out of these five things are about that feeling you get that makes you feel whole. And it’s the feeling that you are growing and that you are contributing that leads to that sense of fulfillment. It stands to reason then that if you find yourself unable to shake the sense of dissatisfaction with your life that has overcome you, that feeling should serve as a powerful clue that your life is not on purpose.So what are you passionate about?

Simply start asking yourself what you are passionate about. What sort of things do you like to do or wish you could do more of? What have you been putting off for someday? Find a way to make it part of your life now.

Doing what you are passionate about in life brings great happiness to you and others. The painter must paint. The healer must heal. The teacher must teach. The helper must help. The writer must write. I think you get my point. Pursue your passion and watch the happiness naturally manifest in your life.

You can choose to say, “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad!” (Psalm 118:24). Love, laugh, smile, and dance often.

Case in point: Regardless of what terrible situations you are in, you can choose to praise God and keep moving forward into victory. It’s a choice. Monitor what you take in. Let the Word of God be your primary intake and you’ll be surprised at what it can do for you. When you are full of the power of God, His joy becomes your strength and fills your life with happiness.

May your life be full of spirit lifting influences and continued growing prosperity


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