How To Live A Happy Life In Today’s Age?

It’s not easy to live a happy life in today’s age when you look at the amount of world wide negative news and circumstances around us. Then again, it’s been a human quest at any age for as long as we can remember. So is there hope? Can you live a happy life no matter what’s going on around you?

How to live a happy life….

Perhaps, the first thing to do is to check whether you can remember when you were happy. Do you remember? Can you recall certain times?

What was different about the times when you were not so happy? Can you see the change that creates the difference in these experiences?

Let me take you back to when you were a child. You can probably remember how you had to do things in school or your parents told you to do things that you didn’t want to do. You felt resistance or fear. Perhaps you felt left out and were afraid to join in. In any case, the experience wasn’t so great.

Now can you remember when you did have a good time? When you forgot about time and you were completely oblivious to the people and sounds around you?

The reason for that is because you were being yourself. You were living in harmony with your soul and simply being. When it comes down to the question how to live a happy life, the answer is simple: be yourself.

Unfortunately, in real life this doesn’t always seem to work so well for a lot of people. So what can you do to enjoy yourself more and live a happy life- one that is in harmony with your soul?

The first and most important step is awareness. By being aware you can start to create the changes that are necessary to being happy.

So, what is it that you need to be aware off? Start to pay attention to how you feel. Start to pay attention to what you are thinking. And start to pay attention to who is listening to your thoughts and who is feeling your feelings. For who is experiencing those inner experiences is who you really are: your soul.

Being aware and ‘listening’ to your soul opens up doors for you to live a happy life. Your soul is your inner voice that always guides you in the right direction for you and what is meant for you, which is always happiness, prosperity, love and health.

Your soul speaks to you through your heart. You can feel your soul there. And what you feel are always peaceful and positive feelings. You feel light and you feel calm. That’s how you know your soul is speaking and not the thoughts that are racing through your mind.

In short…
To live a happy life you got to live in harmony with your soul, be aware and listen to your heart– here you will hear the delightful peaceful sounds guiding  you to happiness.


Author: vn96

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