How To Reach Your Goals By Making One Little Vibrational Adjustment

 One important step in how to reach your goals is to know what you want. But no matter how much you know where you’re going or want to go, if you don’t make this one little vibrational adjustment, it is going to be very difficult to actually reach your goal.

How To Reach Your Goals By Making One Little Vibrational Adjustment

And what’s more, when you make this little adjustment in your life, or in every goal setting adventure, you will be able to instantly experience more peace, freedom and a fulfilled life.

So, what am I talking about? What is this adjustment you ‘must’ make?

Let me first explain that when you are planning how to reach your goals and you are thinking of the things you would really love to have and experience, the focus on that alone isn’t going to be enough. This is because you may very well find that, even though you want something badly in your life, you are actually putting up resistance.

It’s all fine and well that you desire something and long for that to manifest in your life, but if you are greatly resisting that which ‘is’ in your life right now, you’re making it very hard, if not impossible, for what you want to actually appear.

Think about it. Everything is essentially energy and when you are putting more energy in what you don’t want, you are basically building a wall around you, an energy wall of resistance, that stops and even fends off, what you desire.

You have no room to allow what you want to come in.

And this is because whatever you focus on and put your energy into, becomes stronger. Think about training your muscles in the gym or learning to play the piano. The more time and energy you invest in that, the stronger or better you become.

And so when you are focusing on how to reach your goals, a good question to ask yourself is: “Do I love what I want or do I dislike or even hate what I don’t want (and have right now)?”

In other words, is the love for what you want greater than the dislike for what you do not want or have right now? Because, what you focus on expands.

So what can you do? What is that one little vibrational adjustment that will eliminate your resistance immediately?

It’s acceptance.

This is a huge and important step in how to reach your goals.

Acceptance of what is this very moment, releases resistance straight away and allows you to be able to receive what you want.

Acceptance start with a choice- your choice to be willing to accept.

What you can do is ask your guide or angels to help you, whilst you state out loud that you are willing to release your resistance.

You can put both your hands on your heart chakra if this feels comfortable to you and whilst you make this statement you can ask to receive love, peace and acceptance instead.

You can repeat this in your own words as often as you feel you need it. This will help you a great deal in removing your resistance and accepting what is happening for you right now.

It is a simple, yet powerful vibrational adjustment and crucial in how to reach your goals successfully and live a fulfilled life.I’d love to hear from you what you think about this article.

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