Meditate or Breathe for a Moment

Conscious Breathing is Easier Than Meditation.And just as effective – lasting longer as well

I don’t now if you are familiar with Meditation. But certainly you are with Breathing. No one had to teach you how to do it and it is with you ever since your very first moment out here on earth. And now it is time for Conscious Breathing!

If you are like me, you are too impatient for Meditation. Sitting still, turning inward, emptying the mind from thoughts. I tried and tried, but it was really trying indeed. Most of the time it felt like I could not arrive at this indefinite place – at best I felt deeply relaxed. But most of the time it was not too satisfying. Lucky you if you can meditate.For those that look for the quick fix – that also allows you to go deep if you want to, here’s a new way….

It is Conscious Breathing. It certainly is much different than meditation. Its intention is not to move away from the present, not to drift away from this reality. The intention is to expand, to be more conscious of the fullness of who you are. To be fully present in your body and at the same time experience the vastness of life – of your life and to bring this experience into you now moment. You can do it whenever and wherever you want, but I admit it helps to find a quiet spot if you’re new to it.

Conscious Breathing means being aware of your breath. Taking a moment of being present with your breath, inhaling and exhaling. Remembering what it is, really. Without breath, no life. It is your life line. And when you do deep conscious breathing you will feel you can draw in Life. No wonder people say that fresh air is “revitalizing”. It is. A hint to this truth can be found in old sacred texts that mention how the divine breath started human life.

The greatest news about it all is , that conscious breathing is easy – you already know the basics    Even better, no need to strain yourself, relax, just breathe, just focus on the breathing, no need to try to move into stillness or whatever other names you’ve heard. On the contrary, it is good when you stay present in your body. Stay aware and awake, feel how the breath makes you more lively and connects you to your self.


Author: vn96

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