Want Law of Attraction Tips for Your Life?

There has been a lot of talk about the Secret and the Law of Attraction that was “revealed” in it. And even more talk and publications on how easy it is to attract everything we wish.  Unfortunately, most of the time it is based on a fundamental misrepresentation or – hopefully– misunderstanding of what this law implies.

The Law of Attraction is a law of Nature not some Magic Tool

First of all it is important to understand that this so called law is a law of nature. This means, that it just describes how Life works. It is not something you can apply or not. You and everything around you is always subject to this mechanism of interaction and response. Very simply put: you attract what you are focusing on.

An example: observe how small kids on their bicycles try NOT bumping into the lamppost that unexpectedly crosses their path? Guess what happens. Probably you still remember your own big bump-on-the-head! I’m simplifying, but it illustrates how we can think that our focus is in some place, where actually our focus it is elsewhere. Another example: for most people it is true to state that even when they solemly swear they want to be rich, their subconscious cries out that it does not want to be a “bad rich person”.

Ask most people who want to be rich and almost all do not really believe they can. A majority alse secretly despises the super-wealthy of this world without ever having talked to them. Both attitudes will frustrate what these people believe they want it want.

All Thoughts Attract Response

What is the consequence of beliefs that are contrary to what we want to attract? Here’s what you have to understand: the part of you that is expressing its intention to become rich not only calls in energies to support that intention, it will also trigger a response in all parts of you. Those parts that make you feel inspired, but also those that function to protect you from hurt and change in general. An energy goes out and other energies respond – in other words you attract ALL these things, supportive and obstructive.

At this point many experts on the Law of Attraction bring in the concept of Affirmation or other methods of anchoring positive thoughts and feelings in your mind. The goal is to ban the thoughts and feelings that could frustrate the process of attracting what we want. I do not deny that such methods can be powerful, but most of us will end up using these methods mechanically without really feeling positive.

My suggested approach is three-fold.

First, do not just jump a the biggest thing your mind tells you that you want, but turn it around several times in your heart until you are clear on what is really worth attracting in your life.

Second, explore as much as you can the old patterns and beliefs that can become obstacles on the way to get what you may want. Find out how these have served you in the past and why you do or do not need them anymore. This way you will dissolve obstacles instead of trying too break them down with sheer mind-power.

Third, focus on what you really want to attract and let go of all concepts of how it will come into your life or even what it will actually look like. Open yourself for everything that might help bring your desire in your life.

 Be active and aware.A final note to this all: in the end what you want is not really a “thing”, a “substance”, but a certain experience or feeling.

If I do all this, is it possible to Attract Money in My Life?

The rumors about the Law of Attraction claim that you can materialize stuff into your life, so why not money?Let us look at the kid and the lamppost first. Did the kid place the lamppost right there in its path? I would say yes and no. The potentials of what the kid could experience are myriad. When we limit ourselves to the setting, still a million things can happen with the kid trying out its new bicycle. Does the kid plan to bump into the lamppost?

Not exactly, but in its conscious and unconscious mind a lot is going on: I don’t want to bump, I don’t want to fall, I can’t steer away and even: what happens if I just continue in this direction?

An important factor is whether the kid has learnt to trust in its own capabilities and simply knows that he or she can steer around the obstacle. If that is the case, suddenly all things flow together, muscles, mind and matter. The outcome is not really predictable, but all kids do not always hit the poor lamppost, right? Instead they learn to trust and focus on that what is helpful.

Now for the riches or the beautiful wealthy partner that you want to create in your life. Can you really attract them? I absolutely believe so, but can you be so clear, focused and trusting that you will? Let me review: in order to bring something into your life you need

(1) the clarity

(2) the right mindset and

(3) focus and trust.

It is important to understand that from the very start of your life you have already been busy sending out a lot of messages to the universe and attracting response. If you are willing to accept that you did create the “lack” of that what you now wish to “attract”, then you do understand the way this Law of Attraction works and that your present situation is no accident.

The three-fold process in the previous paragraph will help you to define and most of all understand and feel what you really want. It opens you up to the idea that it may not be Money or that the Perfect Partner will be different that your previous vision.

Aligning to the Law of Attraction

Now that you understand the fundamentals of this mysterious law, you can really begin to “make use of it”. That is, making changes to you way of thinking, your old beliefs about yourself and others and first and foremost explore what it really is that you want to bring into your life. Knowing that you attract or create everything in your life, it might be helpful to appreciate even the smallest specs of light in your life. This will re-enforce your intention, better even than affirmations, because it is solid evidence – and your mind likes that.

If this article has been helpful and you want to add or comment, please do so as it may help other readers of this blog too!!!