Getting In Touch With Your Passion

Getting in touch with your passion is a fundamental part of connecting to your personal power and relating to the world around you. It can bring you to the very center of your spiritual journey as it changes your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

Finding your passion does not guarantee an easy life; rather the promise is for a fulfilling life that is open to hopes and possibility. For your consideration:

1. Be true to yourself 

To speak your passion you must say what’s true for you and ready yourself for new adventures. Know what really matters to you. What truly makes you happy? Understand the things that you do best and that makes you feel satisfied.

2. Be open to support 

Remember that you are not an isolated being – you need the support of family, friends and a positive-minded social circle that will help you reach your goals.

3. Be receptive to the world around you 

Allow yourself to be aware of sensory information so that you can find the stillness within. Then you feel in touch with the world around you. When you experience this you become more positive and centered.

4. Enjoy pleasant opportunities 

 Little moments like waking up in the morning away from busy schedules are important. To find your passion you must allow yourself a time for pleasure. For many people, allowing pleasure induces guilt because they believe it is not productive and hinders you from getting important things accomplished. This is not a balanced point of view! You have to give yourself time to enjoy life. By allowing yourself time for pleasure you become more focused and passionate in your job.

5. Liberate yourself 

 When you are in touch with yourself your horizons expand. A key to happiness lies in doing things you enjoy. It is easier and liberating when we accept who we are and we allow other people to accept us too.

6. Use positive statements

 Affirmations are important in finding your passion in life as it makes you feel secure and optimistic about reaching your goals. A lot of people don’t get to their destinations out of a fear of failure. Expect issues to arise, but remind yourself to pull yourself together; let go of the past and get on track again. Some people might influence you into thinking negative. Sometimes it’s not so easy to shut them out of your life. You just have to accept that and keep moving forward. It helps you to keep your sanity.

There is no experience more satisfying than finding your passion.

 When you do the things that you are passionate about you allow your life to flourish. Allow yourself to be all you are meant to be, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are a stronger person who can face challenges better because you are reinforced by being able to do the things you love. You feel more alive, positive, self-respecting, and determined. You live your life with confidence and high morale. And you feel you are contributing goodness and positivism to the people in your life.

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Three Steps To Find Out Your Level Of Positive Mindset

Having a proper way of thinking is matter of how you change your attitude when things are starting to influence you. This change is greatly important in getting things done. However, there is one component of success that you need to not forget – the right attitude and values that you need to observe in your self. To maintain you in the correct path towards achieving success, listed here are these steps that will help you uncover your potential of having a positive thinking or a successful mentality.

1. Analyzing actions and figuring out what are needed to be change. 

This is actually the biggest part of examining yourself if you’re likely to do well with your outlook or you are susceptible to fail. To begin acting on your positive mindset, you have to analyze yourself and find out if it you’re maintaining a favourable mindset and are consistent with your newly transformed routines.

If you want to be an effective player at the end of the year, you must check your everyday activities to discover what routines or programs can take you to reaching your main goal and which are not supporting you in any manner. After you have your record finalized, organize your behavioral pattern and find out what requires changing and which one needs improvements.

2. Ranking the things which you should change in order of difficulty. 

Do not push yourself to begin changing your undesirable habits right away. The key idea here is to start small and gradually develop as you move forward.

 For example, you need to reduce the number of hours in the computer playing free online games. Start easy and slow. If you devote 6 hours video gaming, then cut down 3 hours at the end of the week. Then cut down another 3 hours towards the end of next week. Do this continuously until you end up spending only one hour each week playing online games. Maintaining an easy-to-resolve mentality problem will provide you with a lot greater chances of good results.

3. Plan your actions. 

This includes the idea of making a to-do-list that will remind you of your activities that you have to take action. Jot down all the things that you are determined to do to become successful.

For example, you’re so ready to become a skilled performer. If you need to make this happen, you need to create a to-do-list that features at least 4 hours of daily vocalization or your plans of joining a singing class in the next period and whatever else is needed to become a performer. This will serve as your motivation to continue in your plans. You are directed and so you are inspired.

Develop positive thinking and continually study your changes. After you have experienced the improvements in yourself, constantly reassess your progress. This will make you discover if you have come nearer to your goal. Perform the necessary steps and you’ll find good results.

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Eliminate The Three Killers Of Self-Esteem

The human ego is really a fragile thing. As young children, we cultivate beliefs and values that researchers tell us may dictate our destiny to our final day on Earth. To that conclusion, the creation of a healthy ego, which incorporates how to improve self-esteem, is imperative in the optimal functioning of our personality along with a healthy outlook on life and the world around us.

Strong self-esteem is an integral component of personal happiness and satisfying relationships. It is what we value, love, accept and appreciate about ourselves and is mirrored in the way in which we interact with others and how we confront the difficulties of everyday life.

So, How Important Is Positive Self-Esteem?

As reported in a recent news story at ABC News, high self-esteem is in reality a strong and precise forecaster of general accomplishment, solid interpersonal relationships and appropriately high motivation. High self-worth and self-assurance are significant forecasters of happiness and general health and well-being.

Having said that, diminished self-esteem can predict a lack of accomplishment, out and out hostility, crime, adolescent pregnancy, a number of types of psychological illness, hopelessness and considerably more.

What exactly is The Source of Reduced Self-Esteem?

An exhaustive investigation of self-esteem will show it to be a highly complicated area influenced by numerous elements but simply put, low self-esteem is driven by our unconstructive inner-most thoughts. The exact quality of our very own thoughts, beliefs and emotions are eventually mirrored as part of our behavior.

For that reason if you possess diminished self-image, it’s exactly how you’ll conduct yourself, and hence shape your own perceived value as well as eventually influence the perception of other people around you.

The 3 Killers of Self-Esteem

You can find literally 1000′s of books and personal expansion techniques that are intended to show you the best way to boost self-esteem. Some are quite good and others, well, not so much. But, over the years I have found that even the best-meaning, most intelligent authors usually miss what I refer to as the 3 “killers” of self-esteem.

I understand the expression “killers” is certainly a relatively harsh term but when it comes to the life-blood of one’s personality, these three things can do far more to damage your level of self-worth than virtually anything else. Here’s an overview.

Killer #1: Living With Fear, Guilt and Worry

There’s almost nothing more dangerous to an otherwise healthy self-concept than living with dread of the foreseeable future, guilt about the past and worry about the present. These 3 psychological vampires will through time, drain you of one’s vitality, your happiness and your soul. If you are saddled with these problems you may have already realized that they all share a common origin. They’re all a consequence of perception.

Even though getting out from underneath the burden of fear, guilt and worry may perhaps appear to generally be impossible, as soon as you begin to determine their trigger as basically errors in perception, then you certainly are in a position to take control of their demise. I’ll discuss much more about this in a future article.

Killer #2: Being Disconnected From Your “Authentic” Self

Your authentic self is the “real” you—the core essence of your respective personality and value. As we develop and evolve from young children, by way of generally external causes (parents, friends, mass media, etc.), we lose touch with that essence and begin to mold our identities to social models rather than depend on our inner knowing to tell us who we are. Like a leaf blowing with the wind, we’ll follow an ever-changing course, never constructing a sound experience of self-identity.

The ability to bond with your authentic self is powerful and is a core requirement of solid self-worth.

Killer #3: Lacking the Power of Love

The inability to accept and love yourself for who you are is critical to a healthy and highly effective self-esteem. As in the example above, when you have entirely connected with “who you are,” you need to learn to accept and love that uniquely exceptional creation that you are. The inability to love yourself is in addition mirrored in the inability to accept other people for who they are; a basic ingredient of solid supportive relationships.

In conclusion, the missing keys to acquiring unshakable self-esteem along with a highly effective sense of identity are to eliminate the weight of fear, guilt and worry, reestablish connection with your authenticity and eventually, accept and love yourself just the way you are.

The way in which to accomplish this is generally straightforward but not always easy since, as I pointed out previously, to alter your level of self-worth you need to first and foremost raise the quality of your thoughts. By focusing on eradicating these three killers of one’s self esteem you are able to radically change your thinking and also the way you go through life. I’ll be going over each of these in more detail in the up coming installments in this series.

The fantastic news is the fact that now it is possible to accelerate your ability to defeat these three killers and let you save sometimes months of struggle!I strongly encourage you to take a look at the best way to improve self-esteem with the extraordinary three-part strategy that has been shown over and over again by its users to dramatically Improve Self-Esteem.

Improve Self-Esteem

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How To Say It To Yourself – Positive Self Talk

There are times that we may not notice it, but whatever we say to ourselves (even unintentionally) can give a drastic effect to some of the things we do every now and then and it also affects our way of life.

So, how do you say things to yourself, or how do you explain some stuff to yourself? What do you think-with positive self talk or negative self talk? Think about it—though it can be convenient to tell yourself “I can’t do it”, “no way”, “that’s way out of the question”, and “another problem again”, do you think these statements can be helpful to you?

Given below are just some of the typical examples that optimistic and pessimistic individuals usually say.Of course you can also develop your personality on similar lines. Note the word similar, not COPY. You can’t copy. That would be against your personality make up. You have your own positive attributes, which you should not suppress, otherwise you would be branded as a copier, and a fake. That’s something surely you would not like.

What really you should be doing is to assess your personality traits carefully. By all means seek professional help. That is best. Or, if you are queasy about it, write down, frankly, what your positives are, and what your negatives are.

1. Try and match your positives with negatives.

If you are a truthful person, and you can’t tell a lie, then obviously, you should not try to remove the negative trait of not being able to tell a lie! That militates against your basic character of telling the truth.. doesn’t it? So you have to weigh the various options and come up with basic traits that you can possibly modify and become a better person.

 However, whenever they expound on the good side of the situation, these people try internalizing stuff. For example, they may say, “Wow, life is good!” Then, they tend to draw inferences from them-”My life is working out for the better”, and finally, they think of them to be somewhat lasting changes-”Now, I know how to work this out”.

2. Don’t get upset over situations beyond your control..

 We all run into plenty of little situations in life where we know there is not too much we can do about them. Sometimes we just have to let things run their course. Challenge yourself to creatively come up with a positive aspect out of your current messy situation, starting with the words, “Maybe its a good thing this happened because,…”

You can change for the better. 

Don’t change for the worse.

Always weigh your options. Don’t change for the sake of change. Change for the better, and repeated again is the fact that the change should be within the basic tenets of your character. Otherwise, you would land in a quandary later, because your inner conscience would question you and trouble you. And that would put paid to your mental happiness, which is paramount. Got it? Good. Go ahead and learn